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Congrats Mary, have a great, good time with it!!

Sent: Sunday, March 01, 2015 4:19 PM
Subject: [janome12000] new member

Hi all- I can see that this list is going to be very useful to me, as well as humorous, thanks to Jim ;-).

I bought myself a Janome DC2014 last October and it pretty much paid for itself by then end of the year with all the sewing jobs I received. I had previously been using a 1948 15-91 Singer as well as a Featherweight. Both machines are wonderful and I plan to use the 15-91 for any leather or canvas sewing, but it was a pain not to have everything right there on the machine (buttonholer, zigzag, etc). I had sworn I would never get a computerized machine, but now I am hooked.

Even with the 2014, I felt there were more things I wanted, like the ability to embroider and a larger harp. I took the plunge and purchased an MC15000 last Thursday. I expect I'll be picking it up tomorrow. The dealer I purchased it from has been a Janome dealer for 25 years. She also, as part of the package(which includes the iPad), sold me the Floriani Total Control system at a greatly reduced price and threw in 30 spools of embroidery thread.

My son, who is a computer systems manager, set up Windows 8 on my Mac, so I am all set to go! But I'm pretty sure there's a learning curve to using the 15000 and I'm going to purchase Jim's video tutorial app, as I am hopeless at reading directions and am definitely a visual, hands-on learner.

Glad this group is here !!!

Mary Eckstein

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