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Mary E

great idea! I have my notes for each of my quilts in a notebook, so this will be a great reference!

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Welcome to this great group. Make a stitch-book sampler for your new machine.
Stitch out a small line of every stitch.. I recommend a different color embroidery thread for each group of stitches. Be sure to use stabilizer Cut the sample sheets 8.5.x 11, then insert into protector plastic sheet, ready for your notebook. The process is a great way to learn about your machine. The results are a great reference. Stay with it......worth the effort.
The notebook becomes a place to add more info as you go, adding dividers. I even put the CDs in a protector. The flat packing cards that come with added feet go there, too.
I copied the cover of manual to insert on front of notebook, made a vertical title for the spine..
As you learn the embroidery, samples of different types are good practice also. Usually I do those on a larger plain fabric, adding designs until it's full.
Good luck. Enjoy.
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