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Tony Coley

Ms Janet,
Remember all dealers are independent businesses. You my find a more experienced tech at another dealership. Try the other dealer. If it's a stitching issue, take samples. If the bobbin winder is not working correctly, take samples.
As a former tech("retired" yesterday, I always asked for samples. I have actually solved issues by having the customer sit in the classroom, thread the machine, including loading a bobbin and start sewing.
Good luck on getting quality repairs.
Tony in Alabama

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I took my 12000 in to the dealer I purchased the machine from. I am having trouble with getting a message stating my thread was broken when it was not broken. Also my bobbin winder has never worked right. This is the 3rd Janome I purchased from this dealer but notice over the passed several years the customer service has declined. They are inclined to blame the user such as they have said to me I am not using the right type of stabilizer when had issues in the post but know that I was. This is the first issue I have had with this machine

So I picked up my today and I asked then 3 times was it fixed. They said yes but it felt like a brush off yes. Well of course I got it home and it is not fixed. I paid them $140 which is their maintenance fee. This dealer sells vacuums and all types of sewing machines so their focus is not just Janome but are an authorized dealer.

I am thinking of taking my machine to another dealer in Tampa because I am concerned my local dealer does not know what they are doing and do more harm than good.

Can you think of any downfall to going to a different dealer for repair as long as they are certified to fix Janome's?


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