Re: Attaching guide bar to the walking foot


Thank you for the links to the video.  I didn't realize there were 2 guide bars, so I'll look in the accessory case for it.  According to the video, both of them should fit on either side of the Accufeed foot.  I tried the longer one, and it was too thick to fit into the hole.  There didn't seem to be much of a hole on the left side.  A friend of mine put it in for me the first time, and I think I've done it myself.  I didn't use my 12000 for several months, and I've forgotten quite a bit. This is my first Janome, and switching brands is a surefire way to get me confused.  I love the Janome; the stitch quality is so much better.  Unless the 12000 gets so old that it can't be fixed, I'll stick with the 12000.  The dealer I go to is very good, and stands by his machines, so I wouldn't have any qualms about buying a used one from him.  The machine I have was a floor model, and barely used. It's the first machine that doesn't jam up.  If something doesn't work right, I pull out the manual so I can make sure it's threaded properly.  I'll try the other foot and see if it fits.  If it doesn't, I'll ask my friend or take the foot and guide bar to the dealer.

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