Cannot update HorizonLink

Pru Joy

I have been trying to update my HorizonLink suite. There is an update file on Janome global site. However every time an error message comes up saying that either I don't have the program installed on my computer, which I definitely do, or that it does not have the correct update patch ...??? I did click "repair" of the program & reinserted the disc to do this but it did not fix the error. I will put a link to a screenshot of the error message ... 

Trying to repair the situation, Jim says:
The update seems pretty convinced that you do not have HorizonLink Suite installed. Look at the desktop icon. It shows a machine with colored arrows running through it. Red arrows indicate HorizonLink, NOT the Suite. Blue arrows are for HorizonLink Suite. If you have the correct icon then I would suggest uninstalling it and reinstalling from the CD. Then install the 1.2 update.

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