Don't lie to your 12000


Hello Vikki,
you don't need to lie to do what you did.

After selecting a design that needs a certain size of hoop, you go to the placement screen and just select another size of hoop (usually bigger)

With the help of the grid, you can place the design wherever you want.

I used that a lot while sewing out some smaller designs, I just forgot to take the plastic grid away once, so now I have one hole from the needle in it...


By reading your message again I think that is what you did, but as long as the machine is told what hoop it is working with I don't call it lying

Op 27-01-12 00:57, Vikki Youngmeyer schreef:


That’s cool! I did that years ago with my 350e, but had forgotten about that little tip! Thanks!


Another thing I have found is to “lie” to your 12000! You can select any of the hoop sizes no matter which one is attached and play around with the placement of the embroidery. For example, I am doing a Lunch Box quilt with the birds for a sample at work. It needed 16 eggs each on its own 3.5” square. Instead of selecting the 12 x 12  hoop, I selected the next size up and was able to place the eggs as if it was on the larger hoop. I was able to test out each one before stitching it using the non-sew outline feature and placing it according on the grid. That way I made sure I had enough ro

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