Re: travel case for 15000

Lynne Killgore & Dave Michel <killgoremichel@...>

Hi Everyone,

Wow, I ask a simple question about the travel case and get some great answers.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far with the discussion about both the hard case and the Tutto.

Here is the link to the All Brands site  

Also saw it at Ken's

And at SewVacDirect with the best price at $239.00

And Amazon but I think they were selling Ken's

My local dealer had a Janome educator in this weekend and one of the attendees had the hard case so the dealer made sure that I saw it. 

1) The case is nice, and the bag that comes with to put in the table with the legs attached and all the hoops is nice.
2)  but the handles are not balanced so you can pick it up easily (they are both on the back of the side so the center of gravity is way off).  It would take two people to lift into a car and that is NOT a realistic solution
3) AND the pull-up handle is VERY flimsy and I can just see it coming loose as you are pulling it along.  I had that happen once with a regular suitcase in the middle of running from one airport gate to another - NOT an experience I would like to repeat with something as heavy as the 15000.
4) the once nice thing is the 4 wheels do act like the new spinner suitcases that will move from any direction.

So at this point I am going to see if I can find Plan B.  I just can't justify spending that kind of money for a case that takes a lot of storage space and that feels essentially flimsy.  Maybe the Tutto since I could also use that as a regular suitcase, just not checkable on an airline.

Lynne in snowy NE Ohio

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