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I've been ordering designs by email for years and received one this past week and absolutely cannot get it  to my usb that will show up on my Janome 12000; this seemed to have happened since I updated/for new hoop 18 or whatever.  Please ..anyone can you give baby steps to download, etc.  Yes, it did extract and all that.   Do you copy and paste, or do you drag it to embf on usb.  Yes, my usb is formatted and I have designs on it too.   It shows up on Buzz Tools, but does not show up on Janome 12000.  Does not extract on Buzz Tools, is in Jef format, and all that.  What am I doing wrong?  Thank you so much.

Overcoming his persistent shyness, Jim says:
You're not doing anything wrong. It's most likely that the design is coded for a hoop that you don't have. A lot of third party designs use the code for the 10000 hoop B (5.5" x 7.9"). RE-18 is 5.5" x 7", so a design coded for B will be ignored. Since the design shows up in Buzz Tools you should be able to change the hoop there. Try changing to SQ23 or GR, then saving as a new design. Then it should work.

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