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Barb Engvall

one of the “benefits" of a screen saver is you know if the machine is on or not…

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Jim,  Are you saying that to turn off the screen saver or to just not have the pictures showing?  I haven't experimented.

OH,  it is my foot control that is faulty.  I used the one from my 12000 and everything worked fine.  Then I went one step further and used the 15000 one on my 12000 and the foot control failed again.  So it is off to the dealer and she can try it and then order me a new one.  Hopefully, it will be covered under our 2 year warranty (that's what we have in Canada).

Cheryl - Saskatoon

Taking time out from making a "Save the Screens!" poster, Jim says:
The concept of a screen saver came up way back in the early days of computing when screens were green or amber tubes. Over time the phosphors that made the dots for characters could be left glowing for so long that they burned. You could turn off the monitor and still see what was displayed on it. To avoid this "burn in" software was added to constantly shift the pattern on an idle screen so that it didn't get burned in. As color screens became popular these screen saver programs got very elaborate with animations, photos and other eye candy.

These days tube monitors are gone. Everything is LCD screens, which have a layer of special crystals sitting on top of a white light. The computer controls what colors are allowed to go through for each pixel, making a picture. They don't burn in *BUT* the backlight that shines through will eventually burn out. Older monitors use a form of fluorescent lamp for the backlight, though new ones use LEDs that last much longer. We still have screen savers, but now they are for entertainment only. You don't need them at all. In the case of our machines using the screen saver keeps the backlight on all the time. Some day it will fail. If you leave it on all the time that day will get here a lot sooner. If you really want to save your screen, turn off the screen saver feature. That said, the life of a backlight is MUCH longer than it was in the days of the 8000. Almost all of those are dark now, and some of the 9000s are starting to lose their backlights as well. The newer machines have better lights and in most cases they should last at least as long as you want to use your machine. If you like having the friendly display of photos going all the time you can continue to do so without guilt. I just want to make sure you know what the reality of the screen "saver" is!

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