Re: New videos for the My 15000 app


Interesting. I admit I mixed up Airplay with Airdrop. But, I do have the 2nd generation of iPad provided via Janome 15000 and it does have IOS 8 installed on it. But, it does not have an Airplay app on it or am I able to find the app to load. Everything I find from the Apple support site says that in order to use Airplay you have to have Apple TV which is another device which is not free. I also saw there a couple statements that said iPad 4th generations and above needed to operate Airplay. So, needless to say, I am very confused. 

Still struggling with the many changes in iOS 8, Jim says:
This version of iOS presented many huge changes and has caused enormous stress in those of us who must write for it. The Airplay icon will appear on the bottom of the video player in apps that support it. You can also find it by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to expose the control center. Tap the Airplay button to expose the options, which you will have to scroll to see all of them. Yes Apple TV is yet another $100 device, but by getting the "Reflector" app for your Mac or Windows computer you can Airplay from the iPad to that device. The app is $12.

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