Re: New videos for the My 15000 app

Cheryl Paul


I think that the 12000 owners would appreciate an APP, but the problem would then be that not all own and iPad and many will have an Android device - what to do then?  I'm not a software engineer or writer - how difficult would it be to have both?  - just a question that I've wondered about for years.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

Addressing the eternal question, Jim says:
Basically the answer is that we already have both - the DVDs are essentially a website on a disk. We could also make a website that is actually a website, but it immediately gets complicated. I made the DVDs work with just 4 browsers, for both Mac and PC compatibility. About 10% of the purchasers had problems of one sort or another due to their particular version of Windows, their browser, or other factors that made their computer "different". I have no desire to go down that road again.

Apple has been heavily criticized for having a "closed" system - you do it their way or you don't do it at all. The positive side of this is "it just works". In the case of app videos every video is stored 5 times in files that are 10 seconds long. We start playing with the best quality video for the current connection, whether it be cellular data or WiFi. Depending on how well that 10 second slice works, the next piece will be of lower or higher quality. On a really bad cellular connection we can even degrade down to audio only. To do this from a website would require exotic plugins for each browser and operating system, which we don't have the resources for. By using the Apple software we know that if the network is up the video will play.

There's also an issue of screen size. We base our shooting on what size the output screen will be. In the case of various computers, and Android in particular, the sizes are all over the map and video quality may be awful.

We're well aware that not everyone has an iPad, and that's fine. What we are considering is having two different methods for distributing video:
1. Via an iPad app - simple tap and watch interface.
2. Via video files on a USB drive in MP4 and AVI formats. The user will have to figure out how to play them on whatever equipment that want to use. I'm really ambivalent about this, because I envision a legion of "How do I get this video on my Fleegmeister 3000 tablet?" questions. Most Mac and Windows PCs will play them by just double clicking, but tablets are a different animal. I'd much rather have a method where the user can play them with no particular skill or knowledge required. Unfortunately the world of computers is far too complex for that!

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