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Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

It's not possible to put in software to recognize the size of the attached hoop, because they did not build any kind of sensor into the attaching mechanism. Given that Brother has had this for years, I'm really surprised this feature didn't make it.

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Look at the revenue that Janome is losing by not making smaller hoops! We
have the big hoops, but many of us have upgraded to this machine from
machines where a 5 x 7 hoop was considered large!

Whoever engineered the 12000 solved a lot of issues with the sewing side of
the machine, but didn't think out the embroidery issues. Janome has the
hoops out there. There just needs to be a bit of "manufacturing" to handle
additional hoops and an update to the software to recognize the hoop size.
That shouldn't be all that difficult to fix. Whether it's worth Janome's
while to do so is another issue!


Houston, TX

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