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I too have not been unable to  log into the Janome forum. I did email and get a new password but was still not able to! And also have since clicked "lost password " with still no luck! I have since looked again and now can't even find the that's it! Will give up!! Much prefer Jim and this group! And there are some good Facebook groups for Janome owners that will answer questions. Good bye Forum!! judy.j

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I hope it is okay to ask this here. For a long time I also belonged to the Janome Forum through Janome itself. Then I am told my password is not good which I changed and then it is not good. I can not find this on Janome's site. I had the link to it in my Bookmarks and it says it is not working. Does anyone on here know what I am doing wrong? Thank you for any help. I do enjoy this 12000 list as that is what I have and have had it since the 12000 came out and love it. 

Taking a break from gnawing on a rutabaga, Jim says:
When Janome did the website makeover I seem to recall something about everyone needing to get a new password. Just click the "Lost password" link on the login page and you'll be allowed to select a new one, or the one you used to have if you prefer.

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