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J Fraker

I had a foot pedal on my 9700 that was doing that.  I carefully took it apart and found a lot of lint and dirt inside.  I cleaned it up good, put it back together and had no more problems.  It had springs inside that popped out, so you have to watch for those.  My foot pedal on the 12000 looks just like the 9700 one, but I don't know what the foot pedal on the 15000 looks like.

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I was able to update my 15000 to v2.0 without any problems.  There was also an alert on the website stating we should update our Horizon link program also.  I might be missing the obvious but I could not find the download for this.  Can anyone help me ?  I also havre a terrible problem with my foot pedal.  It does not work more than it does work.  I called the dealer and they said they would replace it.  I asked them if this was a known problem and they said that it was not.  Does anyone else have this problem?   It is just an inconvenience to travel two hours to take it back.   Thanks for you help,. Carolyn

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