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Lou Crawford <piano4221@...>

I hope it is okay to ask this here. For a long time I also belonged to the Janome Forum through Janome itself. Then I am told my password is not good which I changed and then it is not good. I can not find this on Janome's site. I had the link to it in my Bookmarks and it says it is not working. Does anyone on here know what I am doing wrong? Thank you for any help. I do enjoy this 12000 list as that is what I have and have had it since the 12000 came out and love it. 

Taking a break from gnawing on a rutabaga, Jim says:
When Janome did the website makeover I seem to recall something about everyone needing to get a new password. Just click the "Lost password" link on the login page and you'll be allowed to select a new one, or the one you used to have if you prefer.

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