Can't import to AcuDesign fr internet

Pru Joy

I have tried & few times now to import a purchased design fr its website direct to AcuDesign.  When I go to download the purchased design it does give me the option to do that.  However, every time AcuDesign says that it was unable to import as there is another action pending (I do have a screenshot of the message).  Even when I import & unzip the design in iZip it still won't open in AcuDesign but it does open AcuEdit.

I did write to Drawings Snap support & they were very interested in how to do this.  They wrote back that as the purchased design contained 3 different file types, JEF, jpg & txt, that was why drawings Snap couldn't open it.  They said that they were now going to make a work around to enable it.  I hope they pass the update on to AcuDesign too.

Recalling the wisdom of Linus Van Pelt, Jim says:
As Linus (from the Peanuts comic strip) tells us, there is no heavier burden than a great potential. Right now AcuDesign has a lot of potential, but a lot of rough edges keeping it from being realized. Although AcuDesign has obvious similarity to DRAWings Snap, it is a Janome product. Anything that Wings Systems does to DRAWings will not be done to AcuDesign unless Janome has them do it. Right after the release of AcuDesign I attempted to use it to export a design to an iUSBPort device which I bought for just that purpose. It didn't work in either AcuDesign or DRAWings Snap. I reported this to Wings Systems. The problem is that they built the software to work with version 1 of that device, but now version 2 is the one being sold and it doesn't work the same. They said they would order version 2 and fix it. That was months ago and it still doesn't work in either app, both of which have had updates. I would recommend using AcuEdit as much as you can, just to avoid frustration.

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