Re: Dual foot wouldn't feed ...!?

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Did you check to be sure the finger/lever in the back was fully engaged when you put on the foot? I've had it pop/slip out when I was sewing something bulky so had to keep an eye on it. It wasn't something I could hear but it was clear that the layers weren't moving together.
Jan in MD

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Well that has surprised me ... I wanted to sew a piece of fabric with fairly stiff interfacing on the wrong side, to another un-interfaced piece of fabric, which was against the feed dogs.  I had the zig zag plate & the dual feed foot.  But when I commenced sewing it would not feed at all, nothing!  I did test the sewing on just plain fabric & it worked.

I then changed the plate to the straight stitch & tried again, nothing!  So then I removed the dual feed foot & used the ordinary zig zag foot, Yay, it feeds perfectly.   Soooo, I am stumped as to why this is so.  I would have thought the dual feed foot would feed fine with a few layers, maybe it was the stiff interfacing in the middle of the two fabrics ...?

Any insight most appreciated


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