New Presser Feet and Thread Stand

Sherry Martin

I went to my dealer's on Sat. for a 3 hr. group lesson of 12000 purchasers. There were 6 of us. Can you imagine how much money was sitting there? My husband and I joked it was 2 really nice cars. This lesson was about the sewing features on the machine and was a good refresher of the private lesson I got when I purchased the machine.

Anyway, they had the thread stand made specifically for the 12000. It screws onto the back of the machine and holds 6 spools. It has a little thread guide that goes into the extra hole on the front. They were charging about $32 for it. I bought it but actually may return it because I have a stand that holds 1 spool that I had with a Pfaff machine and it works perfectly on the front extra spool hole. I don't like having to get up and down constantly to see the spools and rethread. I never could figure out why you would need a holder that holds 6 spools when you can only use one color at once. Is there something I'm missing?

I also purchased the ditch stitch foot for the dual feed presser foot and the piping foot. She had about 5 other presser feet and I can't remember what they all were. I know a couple were for rolled hems.

They were also selling the Horizon roller bag which can be used with the 12000. The dealer offered it at 1/2 price so they were flying out the door. I didn't buy one because I'm not planning on ever taking my machine anywhere except for one more group lesson next week which will be about the embroidery module.

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