Re: MC 15000


Hi Jim

Thanks for your quick response

I just purchased my machine 2 weeks ago. when I turned it on it was 1.20 I think.
How long has the 2.00 been out? I did go to Janome web site and updated to 2.0‚Äč.
It seems unfair if the machine 2.0 has been out for a while and people who get a 2.0
version get the ACUdesign free. Do dealers have that many machine in stock that they would have older versions?
I am a little disappointed that I got an older version.

As Jim says, "Blessed are the pessimists for they shall never be disappointed."
Don't blame your dealer. Many times I took advantage of a "special" on a quantity purchase of top of line machines, only to find out that an even better special was to be offered once that lot was sold out. That left me with a stock of machines that did not include the free "Wonder Widget", forcing me to discount them or purchase the Wonder Widgets at my own expense. That's just how the business works. Frankly I would suggest holding off on AcuDesign anyway. You've got a lot of new stuff to learn, and it is the least intuitive of all the iPad apps. We've held off doing a video for it in the hope that it would be updated to be more user friendly. There has been an update, but it's only bug fixes. Using the app will still take a whole lot of 'splainin'.

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