MC 15000


I recently purchased a Janome MC15000. In the past I have had the 9000, 10000,11000.

 I used the Customizer 10000 and updated to the 11000 when I purchased the 11000.

I have no idea if I can use this software with the 15000 or not.

I am a little in the dark about how to move forward with this machine. Do I need to purchase the ACUDesign program? The store where I purchased the machine did not tell me if I needed to purchase the software. Can anyone help me?


Handing you a welcoming cup of cocoa, Jim says:

None of your previous software will be usable with the 15000. Use the HorizonLink Suite that came with your machine. If you bought a 15000 V2 the AcuDesign app is free. Check with your dealer on that. If you have to buy it, I would suggest holding off until you have mastered the other software. Then you can decide whether you need it. Welcome to our group!

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