Using Horizon Link software for a Janome 11000?

sherry belfus

I recently purchased a 15000, hurray! I have given my 11000 to my Mom. Can designs I create on the Horizon Link software for my 15000 also be used on my Mom's 11000? I'm trying to avoid the need for her to purchase digitizer software.

Trying to save Mom money, Jim says:

The only issue you may encounter would be the hoop code that gets embedded in the designs. A design that fits in one of the 11000 hoops, but was created for a larger 15000 hoop, might be rejected by the 11000. If you have Digitizer MBX or Digitizer Jr 4 you can change the hoop there. Otherwise you may need a 3rd party design conversion utility to do it. This may not apply to the SQ14 hoop, but you really need to just try a design and see what the 11000 says about it. Most of the hoop codes in the 15000 will be unknown to it, and it might just say the design is corrupt.

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