Magnets for 12000 Hoops

cnystul in Mn.

When I got my 12000 I saw the magnets and thought that I wouldn't need them and just left them in the box. Well this week I have been making Hipster Totes with three zippers on them. Using the GR hoop and on the first tote as I was almost done...(flipping the hoop back and forth adding pieces of fabric or pellon) the stabilizer came out of the hoop. The Hipster got too heavy but was lucky enough to get it all back in place and continue. So now on the second Hipster I thought "what about the magnets" I dug them out of the box and put them on the hoop...made my second and then third Hipster and the stabilizer stayed in the hoop nice and tight...super excited that those magnets do such a great job. Cathy

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