Re: 15000 Bobbin Jumping and Tension Issues

Jane Dunne

Hi Jim, Now I am a bit befuddled as usual lol. We were told to use the red dot bobbin case for Janome thread and the yellow dot case for all other threads. So like I was told to do I am using the yellow dot case for sewing and embroidery BUT I have had some nesting issues and bobbin moving mostly embroidering but a little nesting and bobbin raising when quilting. Any suggestions? I also need to take this time to thank Jim and Diane for all their hard work on this group and also for the very valuable app! I have being sewing about 50 years and embroidering about 12-15 years. I purchased my15000 a year ago last month from a dealer an hour or so away from me. I had no demos or lessons on my machine because of where he is situated right downtown in very busy Hamilton Ont Canada. Which is like saying downtown Toronto or one of your biggest, busiest cities lol. By the way he UPS'd it to me lol. My DH is 77 and will not drive there as he is now not comfortable with all the fast traffic which I understand. I could have lessons from him if I could get there and he is a great dealer and good person to deal with. Since I purchased their app I have learned soooooooooo much from it and wanted everyone to know that. I would be lost without it I tell you! I think everyone who has a 15000 should purchase it ASAP! Trust me you will NOT be sorry you did! It is a vital piece of information that you need to successfully learn to run your machine properly. So here is a BIG thank you Jim and Diane for what you both do for all of us and we don't say thank you often enough we just take you for granted!😄😘 I appreciate both of you very much! Hugs, Jane In cold, wet and snowy southern Ontario Sent from my iPad

Blushing furiously, Jim says:
Thanks for all the kind words!

The yellow dot bobbin case was created for embroidery. Over the years Janome embroidery models have been built around using Janome embroidery bobbin thread. However it's pretty expensive, and people quickly began to gravitate toward the commercial bobbin threads. They are much more economical, but nearly all of them are thinner. This can cause bobbin thread to show when using the standard Janome bobbin case. In the past dealers have adjusted the bobbin case tension to work with the bobbin thread their customers embroider with, but that can cause too much tension in ordinary sewing. Janome had already produced a reduced-tension bobbin case for free motion quilting, so with the introduction of the 12000 they added an increased-tension bobbin case for embroidery. That way the standard (red dot) bobbin case need not be changed and is always right for ordinary sewing.

Thread nesting can happen from a variety of causes. The most common is the upper thread being out of the take-up lever. This shows up immediately after one or two stitches. Next most common is the thread not being fully seated in the tension. On the 12000 and 15000 this can happen if you thread without using the LOCK function, which opens the tension so the thread will slide in. Another sneaky nesting cause is using a too-large needle on a dense design. For example, a design with 1mm satin stitching can have big problems with a size 14 needle, which is 1.4mm wide. The hole is so big that both ends of the stitch are in the same hole and they don't pull up tight, leading to a nest. Yet another common cause of nesting is bobbin case damage. A needle break happens when the needle hits something it cannot go through. If that something is the bobbin case the strike will leave a nick or burr that may catch the thread sometimes, but not every time. It depends on which way the thread is pulling, which depends on which way the hoop is traveling. Sometimes the burrs can be buffed out, and sometimes a new case is needed.

In your situation I would discontinue using the yellow dot case for ordinary sewing or quilting, regardless of thread brand. The red dot should be fine. If you are not using Janome bobbin thread you *MAY* need the yellow dot case, but I would do a test. Stitch a small design on scrap fabric using the red dot case. Pick a design that has some satin stitching and sew on a dark fabric with dark thread. If the bobbin shows it will be more obvious. If you don't get bobbin showing, then you can just continue with the red dot case. If it turns out you need the yellow dot case examine it carefully looking for any rough areas. Also check the hole on the inside of the embroidery foot P. It's metal, so damage is less likely there, but a nick could cause trouble.

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