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I'm so glad I'm not the only one.

I think it's because the machine is now so long from one end to the other and the knee lift has to be where it is that the distance has increased from where you sit to where the knee lever is.  They need much more adjustment, but I guess if they increase the adjustment using the current design it would increase the angle at the point it gets to the right distance and be too high for the knee - hope everyone understands that explanation!

I think it needs a redesign - it needs two points of adjustment so that it can be set in just the right place for people my height (4ft 10ins) and those a lot taller. (6ft plus). There must be lots of variation in the hip to knee length of different people so the swing to the knee lift would also vary over quite a large range which is not addressed by the current adjustment.


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Margaret, I'm with Anne on the knee lift and that is after I adjusted it per the manual. Drat. I've sewn on Berninas for decades and love their knee lift; this one is just an awkward stretch to get to it. I'm thinking I'll get some plumbing insulation and the car wash sponge and have at it. 

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