12000 question on embroidering


I embroider inserts for the Lydia project (www.thelydiaproject.org) that are sewn into small totes, filled with toiletries, and given to women with cancer.

Each insert measures 3 1/4" x 11 1/2". They are embroidered with "Faith", "Hope", or "Love" in purple embroidery thread.....BTW,if you have excess purple thread, I would love it as I go thru a lot. :)

I have embroidered these inserts on my 350E (5x7 hoop) but would love to figure out how to do them on the 12000, as my hoop is much larger so I can do 4 at a time instead of just 2.

What I plan to do is hoop tearaway, then center and pin the inserts on to the tearaway, starting at the top of the GR hoop, one right under the next.

With my 350E, I have to move the needle to the correct start position for each insert. I have 2  5x7 hoops so I trade them out before repositioning the needle.

My question is, can I "set" them on my 12000 to start at the top insert and embroider one insert and then move on to the 2nd, etc. without me having to reposition the needle? If so, how do I do this?

Any tips, ideas, etc. of how this could be done easier are very much appreciated. I usually embroider 125-150 inserts before I mail them back to Lydia, so anything easier or more efficient is very much appreciated.

Thanks!! Jo

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