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Thank you both so much for the advice.  I am looking forward to the new challenges the 12000 will bring!


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Great suggestion Alison! (And sorry we never got to meet when we had the store.) There are some great redwork designs built into the machine that could be used to decorate tea towels. That would make a nice first project.

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> Hi Jean,
> I'm Alison from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and although I've heard of Jim and had subscribed to a newsletter he put out years ago, I've never met him, but I literally thank God for his wisdom that he is so willing to share! I'm also new to the group. I just got my 12000 a week ago yesterday, but had to wait three day to even open the box due to work and personal committments! But it is wonderful.
> Don't be worried that you're a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I am too, as my last embroidery machine was the 10000 and I bought that 10 years ago--no upgrades since then. So I have a lot to learn, too. We'll learn together.
> I'd suggest you just find a design you think is pretty and grab a piece of scrap material like a cotton, figure out how to stabilize it, and embroider your first design. You'll be thrilled watching the machine stitch away. Don't think you have to do something grandiose the first time--just get used to hooping and using a stabilizer. You can always embroider a shirt or a pillow later--now you just need to get used to the baiscs of embroidery, which is choosing a stablizer, putting fabric in the hoop, and going through the steps of embroidery. And don't worry that a question may be stupid. None are. Just ask away, and everyone is always willing to help. Us embroiderers love each other!
> Hugs from Texas,
> Alison

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