Re: A couple of embroidery questions

Beverly Vangool <bvangool@...>

Hi Jim

I have bought the 12000 and am planning to buy a new computer to accommodate the new upgrade for the digitizer. Right now my laptop is an older XP with 1 Gb and I haven't bought the upgrade yet as I think my computer probably can't handle it. Can it? Could you please give the minimum requirements needed. I have a Mac desktop but think I will buy a PC laptop as I find the Mac issues a pain when it comes to Janome (I'm not very computer literate). Can you use the 64 bit Windows or do you need the 32 bit?

I also wonder if you use Digitizer MBX what is the advantage of Horizon Link other that being able to go direct to the sewing machine?? Is there anything else the Horizon Link does that digitizer can't do? Can you not do all the editing on the digitizer and put them on the USB stick and take them to the sewing machine like we did with the 1100? Would I have to instal Horizon Link on the new computer if I don't plan on going direct to the sewing machine?

Thanks for helping


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