Re: A couple of embroidery questions


I forgot about the felt, which I also couldn't find. what is the felt for? I'm guessing they forgot to include those items with my machine. I did get the Jenny Haskins stabilizer pieces.

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In the manual, it lists the inventory of items that come with the machine. I'm curious to know if anyone received the bobbin thread listed?

Is it OK to embroider with the clear extension table in place, or should you have the accessory box in place instead?

I stitched my first design, from the Y. Ganaha Interior section...the heart. At stitch 8191 it "paused", and when I restarted, it cut the thread. I went back a few stitches, and it sewed a few, and cut the thread and stopped. I realized that there was jump stitch there, and i had the trim jump stitches on. But, I had to restart the machine. Is that normal, or does it usually just go to the next area and start on its own? I'm not exactly sure even that is why it "paused". Has anyone else stitched this design with the trim jumps on, and have the same thing happen? Thanks! Barbara Jean

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