Re: What stabilizer to use for FSL

maggie cooper

Janet, I didn't say how many manufacturers, only I experimented with about 15 water soluble stabilisers. That included different weights, types and brands. I also said many of WSS stabilisers were simply rebrands, same as the cutaway and tear away stabilisers.

In England we have a company called Soluble technology that makes a broad range of water soluble products for various industries  including embroidery. We have at least one other but I can't remember their name.  China has at least 14 manufacturers of WSS and non woven embroidery backings that  export to the west. India has at least 6 water soluble embroidery and woven plus non woven stabiliser manufacturers that export to the west and far east. European and North American importers specify requirements, branding then distribute to the various suppliers etc. By the time the end user gets them they have no idea where the manufacturing plant is located or  who the original manufacturer is.

At one point I looked into sourcing my stabiliser requirements direct from India or China, but as an individual user couldn't hope to use the minimum quantities the manufacturers specify so stuck with 2 wholesale embroidery suppliers here in Great Britain. They have the purchasing power I don't have, the import licenses, and know the red tape.

Maggie Cooper UK

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