'Addition of function for direct input of stitch numbers'

Anne Parker <annegparker@...>

I've just come across a feature mentioned on this page
that I wasn't aware of.

It mentions under New embroidery features
Stitch Number Selection Feature - which I'm happy with.

But then it mentions under Other NEW Features -

Addition of function for direct input of stitch numbers

What exactly does this mean?  Is it just referring to being able to select/set the stitch number when embroidering, or is it something to do with selecting a stitch number in sewing mode?

Where do I find instructions in the manual for this if it's in sewing mode?  I've searched but can't seem to find it.

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Jim says:
See page 121 in the V2 manual, specifically Jump key. That explains how to enter the exact stitch that you want to go to in a design that is open in embroidery mode.

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