Re: new question...who are your favorite digitizers

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

Didn't see Sadia (, although I may have missed it. I find I never have to test them first.  I particularly like the fact that she accomplishes so much with so few stitches.

I also like Momo Dini, although the design packs are expensive ($65) and a sale is buy 3 get one free.  They many beautiful oriental designs.  I've been to a few of their workshops, where she explains her digitizing theory of not putting color over color, because only the top color shows and it can get too dense.  I don't digitize, and have only stitched a few of her frogs.  They are whimsical and not dense, and you get the effect with a minimum of stitches.  I like to watch designs stitch out to see how they get the most out of the designs. (

Some that others have mentioned that I too like are Sue Box, Zundt and Criswell.  Used to like Hatched in Africa, but have found the designs are either cutesy or somewhat repetitive.  It seems at times that the collection are very similar.  I agree that Embroidery Library designs tend to be somewhat dense.  I like some of the Dakota designs as well.  There are so many that I haven't tried, and the longer I've been embroidering, the more selective I am!  I tend to go more for individual designs than sets.

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