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Vikki: the only other workaround I can think of is (besides the spool stand you buy to attach to the back of the machine) improvising your own thread stand with a safety pin taped to the end of the machine (or the lid, kept in the up position). Use the round “eye” end at the top, set the spool in a glass/cup behind the machine, and thread through the round eye end of the safety pin, then follow the thread path.

I made an additional thread guide by using a nail to melt a hole into the large spool cap, being careful to leave no snaggy rough edges. I don’t have the round gizzie that fits in the spot on the front, the thread guide that fit on the 8900 is square, and while I tried putting a paperclip in that round little hold on the top/near the front, it wobbled and didn’t work well for me. A hole added to the large spool cap (I had an extra) works a charm.

Cheers, Sarah

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