Re: new question...who are your favorite digitizers

maggie cooper

Advanced Embroidery Designs

 I like their FSL and cutwork designs.

 Balboa Embroidery Designs | Home of Balboa Threadworks, Inc. and the Embroidery Designs of Lee and Keith Caroselli

 I bought their library of designs a few years ago,

SMARTNEEDLE.COM - Unique Embroidery Designs and Notions

 I love their zany designs and can forgive their multiple trims on the outlines.

Sue Box Creations | Download Embroidery Designs 

 consistent quality, some a bit cutesy and pretty, but stitch well | Designs


At one time this site was divided up between Santi, Mari and Liese, now their designs are all together, I prefer Santi's designs, though her style has influenced many others , hers are still wonderful to stitch.

Elsa's Designs for machine embroidery

 Elsa used to design for Bernina software, good consistent quality.

Zundt Embroidery Design Collection - Zundt Design, Ltd.

 Lovely designs, beautiful quality, pricey but worth it.

I do have a few other favourites, but its late and I'm away to zzzzzland.

Maggie Cooper. uk

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