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Barb Engvall

i have purchased a starter set of threads from Maderia and also have a lot of Sulky small spools that give m a lot to chose from. I buy larger spools of standard colors to also have on hand. I have a large set of Mola designs I want to do so I have purchased those in larger spools. I also bought a set of Florini threads but find I don’t use them much…I don’t have a lot of choices in purchasing locally hence a lot of sulky…I try to plan ahead when I am at Sewing Expo in Puyallup, WA each March and stock up on some favorite colors from Superior.

Haven’t used RA…I also have a good friend with whom I can share and borrow!

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After hearing me complain that I didn't have the right color thread for a project, my husband suggested that I just buy a "bunch of them".  I had been buying a few colors at a time and haven't managed to accumulate many.  In the past I liked Robison Anton thread best but after getting a multi-spool holder, I don't think it matters too much.  I was thinking of Madeira as I found some good prices for kits.  I don't want to over-buy a lot of colors that I'll never use but I do want to be able to have a good selection at hand.   Any brands that I should avoid?  I think I'd rather stick with one brand (right now I have an assortment as I was trying to find the best one.)  While I really like Superior Threads, their prices are very high compared to others.

Any thoughts? 


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