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Pam Davison

There are several brands that I use but if you are concerned about pricing I have purchased from  They sell 2 different brands - metro and sigma.  I have only tried the metro brand (my girlfriend has tried the sigma brand with no issues reported)

Right now the 166 metro spool thread package is sold out but it cost $123.  They sell a 150 sigma spool thread package for $112.50.  These are mini spools (1000m) but they also have the large spool (5000m).

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After hearing me complain that I didn't have the right color thread for a project, my husband suggested that I just buy a "bunch of them".  I had been buying a few colors at a time and haven't managed to accumulate many.  In the past I liked Robison Anton thread best but after getting a multi-spool holder, I don't think it matters too much.  I was thinking of Madeira as I found some good prices for kits.  I don't want to over-buy a lot of colors that I'll never use but I do want to be able to have a good selection at hand.   Any brands that I should avoid?  I think I'd rather stick with one brand (right now I have an assortment as I was trying to find the best one.)  While I really like Superior Threads, their prices are very high compared to others.

Any thoughts?


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