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I almost never hoop fabric.  I hoop the stabilizer then position the size of fabric I wish to use on top of it using cross hair marks.  I usually just put a straight pin through the fabric and stabilizer to hold it temporarily while I use the baste function in the machine.  I am careful to not baste over a pin .......    I believe this method is why I never get puckers in my embroidery.  IMHO hooping fabric often stretches and distorts it so that when you un hoop it puckers.    Just what I do but it eliminates any issues of wasted fabric.
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I'm not sure what designs won't fit in the R18 hoop as it seems to fit any designs I've tried that say they're 5x7.  I just finished a project that required felt to be hooped.  The piece of felt I hooped was 9 by 12.  If I had to use the SQ23 hoop I would have needed a piece of felt that was at least 14 by 15.  Not as easy a size to find.  That said, I did make an inner frame for the SQ23 hoop out of fabric and stabilizer so that I can baste a 10.5 inch square piece of stabilizer or whatever into it. (Guess I could have made the inside 5 x 7)   Several on this site have mentioned making one and that's where I got the idea.  The first time I used it, it worked great, the second time it was a flop!   So the R18 hoop isn't really necessary but nice to have.  When I first bought it I regretted buying it thinking it didn't save that much stabilizer or time compared to the price but I do find that I choose it whenever I can and am now happy I have it. 

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