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Barb Engvall

Good to know! I’ve only been using my thumb drive that I had for the 11000 and that seemed to work ok but thought there was an extra step…Thanks!

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Hi All

Today I decided to sort out the formating of a USB and storing designs.  Just thought I would share what I found with the 15000v2 - and forgive me if this had been mentioned before.

Anyway - I had the machine on, plugged a new USB into the machine, went to the Set menu and formatted it. Great it created the EMB and Embf folders.

I then created a new folder TEST as described in the manual - so I had 2 folders on the USB below EMB.

Then I removed it and plugged into my PC - which saw the EMB and both lower folders (it also saw the ORD but that's for normal sewing so wasn't concerned with that).  

I put a design in each of the folders - Embf and TEST.  I also put a file just in the EMB folder.  So 3 files in total.

I then put the USB back in the machine and was able to bring all 3 files into the ready to sew window.

What I did find is that when you first select the USB all you get displayed are the lower folders - I got Embf and TEST - and in each of those was the one design I had put there - but if you scroll to the next page you will find designs that are just files in the EMB folder alone.

For some reason I had gathered that all embrodery files had to be placed in the Embf folder or at least another folder.  It seems they only have to be in the EMB folder?

Just wondered if this was something new in 15000 v2 or has it always been this way for the 15000 and I have just mis-understood?


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Having always been this way, Jim says:
Janome embroidery machines through the 11000 have had strict folder requirements with regard to designs on a USB stick. Effective with the 12000 it became possible to put designs virtually anywhere on the drive, though the machine would create the legacy EMB -> EmbF structure on new USB drives and defaults to EMB when you open the drive. However you are free to navigate to other folders on the USB drive, as Anne has pointed out. This is also true for all versions of the 15000.

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