I'm a little confused about warranty work.  Why can't you have warranty work  done at any Janome dealer?  I have a 3160 and a 15000.  I brought the 3160 in for service but when I mentioned the 15000 they said they wouldn't do warranty work on it because I didn't buy it there.  If you buy a ca or an appliance, you can bring them to any authorized dealer for warranty work.  Why isn't this so for sewing machines?

My dealer just lost their serviceman and service is now being done by someone coming in once a month.  This means if a part is needed, it could take 2 months to get it fixed.


Possibly voiding his warranty, Jim says:

Janome's dealer agreement stipulates that an authorized dealer is obligated to handle warranty service for any Janome machine. That's pretty much the same as it is with cars. The difference is that when a car dealer performs warranty service, the manufacturer pays to have it done. Janome does not pay for service. They will reimburse parts, once the defective part is returned.

This means that a dealer who services machines sold by someone else is paying for the service out of his or her own pocket. I brought this up at a meeting once and was told that I could send machines bought elsewhere back to Janome for service. Because the Janome warranty is a "limited" warranty that means the owner must pay shipping both ways. This means the dealer has three choices:

1. Service the machine and hope the good will earns future business. That's what I did.

2. Refuse to service the machine and anger the customer.

3. Tell the customer it must be shipped at their expense and anger them.

By choosing the first option I didn't have anyone mad at me,  but I did get a lot of other dealers sending their "problem children" to me. In your case, I would think the once-a-month service guy might not be trained on the 15000. It would probably be better to pay to have it shipped to Janome. That could still take 2 months, but at least you'd have someone competent looking at it.

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