HorizonLink Software


I just bought the Elna Expressive 900 which is the same as the Janome 12000 as I understand it. I came with the cable (machine to computer) and the software installation instructions, but no software. My dealer is out of town on a family emergency so I thought I would find out if anyone can tell me if the HorizonLink software is included with the purchase of of the Elna/Janome. Thanks in advance.

Frequently the cause of a family emergency, Jim says:
The Horizon Link software is included with the 12000. I don't know whether it is supposed to be included with the Elna 900, but I doubt it. Although the 900 is a "clone" of the 12000, Janome typically leaves off a few features so it's not quite identical. Looking at the instruction book for the 900, it shows an instructional DVD and Stitch Composer EX. On the 12000 Stitch Composer is a component of Horizon Link, so it appears that they included the cable for use with their optional software. The Elna website has Digitizer EX 4.0, which is the equivalent to Digitizer MBX 4.0, one step back from the current MBX 4.5. My guess is that they expect you to buy the EX or EX Jr. software. You can contact Elna to confirm through this web form.

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