Re: 15000 New Owner Lesson


I had named and saved it correctly, but I was having difficulty finding it to open it and then go back to home screen to add to it.  On the file menu it is sometimes helpful to use the up arrow on the lower right to locate a file.
I figured this out with a fresh brain the next day.
Sent: Saturday, December 13, 2014 9:17 AM
Subject: Re: [janome12000] 15000 New Owner Lesson

Hi Cas

I like the instructions in the lesson - they are exactly the sort of thing I want.  Easy to read and in point form (I'm a great one for lists!).  I didn't have any issues with them so maybe you are more arty then me :0)

Re your issue - am I right in thinking it's with combining the shoe pattern with a name? - Maybe you didn't press the combine button before you selected the shoe and saved it - that I think would have caused you to lose the shoe when you went to add a name in the monogram but it's difficult to explain with not knowing exactly what you did.

I'll give it a go tomorrow to see if I have any issues with it.

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