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Carol Selby

I am new to Janome and just bought a new 12000 (I‘m used to a Pfaff CV5.5).  So far I love it.  However, I have a couple of questions that my dealer could not answer.  I was doing a rolled hem and wanted to tweak the needle position slightly (move it to the left about two notches to better catch the hem).  I could make the stitch wider (did not want a wider zig zag) or I could make a longer stitch (would not solve the problem).  Is there any way to adjust the needle position when doing a zig zag stitch?  There is a right position and a center position but I there any way to adjust the needle position other than these two pre-sets?


The other question I had concerned the “bridging” stitches (in the shirt section).  What are these for and what is the difference between them.  Many appear to have the same stitch length and width.  What do the little arrows beside some of them mean?


Thanks for your help!  Also, Jim you mentioned that you had CDs available for learning the machine.  Where can I get these?



Bridging the gap between "eccentric" and "lunatic" Jim says:

To achieve a "movable" zig zag without changing the width you have to think WAY outside the box. Choose Applique from the "T-shirt" key. Pick the "M" zig zag stitch. With that you can adjust width, length, tension AND baseline, which will allow you to move the entire stitch left or right. See page 81.

The bridge stitches are used to insert a number of straight stitches between decorative stitch patterns when combining. Numbers 9, 10 and 12 start from the end point of the previous pattern. The others will start in the center or left needle position, as indicated by the icon. Pages 55 and 60.

The DVDs for the 12000 are available from the Online Sewing website. Thanks for asking!

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