What stabilizer to use 12000

peggy barrett

Hi,  I am doing lace ornaments and ran out of Badge Master,  what else can I use so the lace is stiff..Aso even though my design is one color it keeps stopping every so many stitches and I have to press the start button again????  Is it OK to keep using??? The ornament is fine..

Peggy in Ma Janome 12000

Sorely tempted to say "Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!", Jim instead says:
Wet 'n Gone is actually better than BadgeMaster for lace. It holds up much better with dense stitching.

What's on the screen when it stops? Is it asking for a thread change? If it is, then it's not a single color design. If it's showing the broken thread icon then it may be due to the stabilizer breaking down from all the needle penetrations, allowing the thread to go slack enough to open the broken thread sensor. If you don't get any message it might have thread cut commands built into the design. It will cut the thread, then wait for you to start again. In that case you can go to the SET screen and turn off the cut feature.

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