Decorative stitches

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

Can anyone tell me how to set the number of repeats on a decorative (quilting) stitch on the 12000?  I tried the manual, but I guess I didn't undeerstand what it said, because it didn't work.  I want to use them to quilt, and they need to be the same length.  I bought the DVD, but in an effort to save money, I only ordered the embroidery one.  Guess I'll remedy that mistake!  In the meantime, I need to finish by Monday night.  In retrospect, the first one I should have bought the sewing one first!  If I could see it as I sew, I'd just stop at the size I want, but the foot hides the most recent repeat.  Thanks for any help.  I'm not very adept at figuring out written instructions at times!

In appreciation for your purchase, Jim says:
You must first touch the Program key (item 1 on page 60). Then touch the key for the stitch(es) you want to repeat as many times as you want them done. IMPORTANT - touch the lock stitch key (Circle labeled L.S.) at the end. If you don't do that it will simply repeat the stitches over and over. Note that if you want a different width or length on the memorized stitches you must adjust the width and length for each stitch as you enter them.

If you want to get the volume 1 (Sewing) DVD please email me directly (jim@...) and I can create an order so that you will only pay the difference from the combo price.

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