New machine? also sent to 11000 group


I've been thinking of upgrading to the 15000. I have the 11000v3.  Does anyone know if the extra hoops and feet I bought for the11000 can be used on the 15000.  Dealer says yes- Janome says no.  I also have loads of the Janome design ATA cards and CDs.  Is there a way to use them on the 15000?  Thanks!  Judi in E.Ma

Jim says:

None of your 11000 hoops will be usable on the 15000. Your dealer may be assuming that they will because the attachment mechanism is the same, but Janome is right - they will not work. All of the feet on your 11000 are 7mm. The 15000 is a 9mm machine, so the snap-on feet will not work on the 15000 foot holder, but they can be used if you have a 7mm foot holder. You can also use most screw-on feet. You can get an additional 11000 foot holder and use that with your 7mm snap-on feet.

There is no ATA card slot on the 11000, but you can copy all of those designs to a USB drive using your 11000. Then they can be used on the 15000. The CDs are no problem - those designs will open in the HorizonLink Suite software that comes with the 15000. Note that if you are using the CDs in a CD-ROM drive attached to the 15000, you will not be able to do the same thing in the 15000. The 15000 will not work with a CD drive directly attached to it. The CD must be read on a computer. If you don't use a computer with the 11000 you should transfer your CD designs to a USB drive before moving to the 15000.

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