editing software

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

I have the 12000, and would like to be able to edit designs.  I'm not interested in digitizing, and probably couldn't retain enough to be able to do it anyway.  I've had several software programs including Viking 3D, Designers Gallery and Wilcom (the most expensive and non-user friendly program of all of them).  I can't use 90% of it, and just can't seem to be able to do the simplest of tasks. like resizing, combining designs and changing colors.  I got carried away with the on screen demo, and the promotional price, as well as someone who owned a previous version.  I tried downloading the free version of Pulse, and True sizer, and couldn't figure those out either!  Everyone who uses Embird loves it, but so did the people who owned the other softwares love what they had.  Even though Embird is very inexpensive, I don't want to make another mistake.  Even if I could sell Wilcom (which I don't know if I'm allowed to do), I want a program that lets me do the routine tasks associated with embroidery.  I don't mind putting the designs on a USB stick.  I bought the Janome one, and only put what I want to use on it.  I have tons of others with tons of designs, since after my first machine which took floppies, (that's what was used  on the future machines without purchasing software to put it on the machine).  Or at least that what I ended up doing, because I knew how.  I'd appreciate any advice I can get.  Thanks so much.

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