Flashdrive with Error Messages


Thanks Jim, I was hoping I could save the data.  When I had XP I would click to eject the drive and it would tell me when it was safe and the lights would go off on the drive.  Only then would I remove it.
I’ve noticed with Win 7 the lights never go out (hubby says the same with his Win 8 laptop) even though I do get the message that it is safe to remove the drive.  So perhaps it was not really safe and I ruined the drive?  Can you think of anyway I could repair the syntax and retrieve any of those files?  Precious photos and all....  I know I should have backed up more often, but I used to back up to my laptop and recently upgraded that to Win 7 also and had not done it.
This brings up another issue I forgot to mention.  My Janome 15000 that is being replaced would never “see” the flash drive although I tried three different ones.  I thought it was because of the USB splitter so I bought a USB extension cable and it still wouldn’t see it.  So I tried plugging it in directly in both ports.  It would not read the USB.  I’m guessing now that is because my machine was messed up.  Again, this was after the upgrade.  Prior to that I downloaded a design from my PC that I edited in Horizon Link to a USB drive and plugged it in and used it in the Janome. 
This was when my 15K was still sitting on the kitchen counter and I was not sewing with it, just using the embroidery functions.

Jim says:
You may be able to recover the data. There are lots of resources available. Just Google "repair flash drive" and you'll have plenty to pick from. I kind of doubt that the 15000 destroyed it, but it might have. I would definitely NOT recommend storing photos on the same flash drive used for embroidery. They are cheap enough that you should have a drive just for use in the machine.

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