Re: New laptop & HorizonLink update?



After doing some testing of the flash drive, we (my hubby & I) determined the flash drive was fine as we were both able to copy/open files from the drive on 2 different laptops (his is Toshiba/win 7 & mine is Acer/win 8.1). The flash drive was just bought yesterday and I had no other 4gb drives.   So after downloading/extracting the files on both machines too I thought to bypass the 'update tool' executable and copy the PROG folder onto the flash drive.  Still no luck.  Then I copied the files from the PROG folder onto the drive and VOILA, the update finally worked.  Woo Hoo!  Thankfully got this compleeted before going to bed last night so I was not up thinking about how to outwit a machine. 

Thanks for explaining your role.  I will try to be more patient when I am frustrated and ask a question.

Having once been outwitted by an ironing board, Jim says:
By copying the files onto the flash drive you duplicated what the update utility does. There is something about the file structure of the drive that caused the update utility to encounter an error. It might be that the drive is formatted in something other than FAT32. I've seen that in some of the SD memory cards. There are also some drives that are set up so that part of the drive functions like a CD, containing software to be installed on the host computer. If a program tries to write on the CD portion it will fail with an error. You won't see that, because you will be copying to the portion of the drive that is writeable. It is possible to remove the software section of the drive, but doing so requires using a utility from the manufacturer of the drive.

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