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Chris Krause <nckrause@...>

Thanks, Jim...I had already installed Horizon Link but I didn't know I
needed to have Horizon Link open when I tried to send a design to the
machine with MBX. It's working now. (The update of the 12000 went very
smoothly, as did the upgrades in previous machines).

Hope everyone's having a good Sunday.


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Chris have you installed the Horizon Link software? When you have selected
the 12000, sending to the machine takes the design through Horizon Link to
get it to the machine. If you have not installed the Horizon Link software,
do that now. Connect to the machine and make sure the software "talks" to
the machine before trying to send using MBX. We did experience some erratic
behavior with the version 1.0 software in the 12000, so updating the 1.01
may help with that.

Note that the first release of Digitizer MBX will not send a design to the
USB flash drive if the 12000 is selected. This will be fixed in the first
update, which should be out in a few weeks.

You will never need the old dongle again. The upgrade process destroys it,
and configures the new one so it is identical to the full version of MBX.


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