Re: New laptop & HorizonLink update?

Vikki Youngmeyer

Hope you had the data elsewhere. RIP flash drive!



Houston, TX


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I'm in the "System Update Tool"and I'm getting an error "The parameter is incorrect" when I insert the flash drive into my laptop.  The Flash drive (4gb) (I formatted it on the MC12000) is being recognized by the laptop as it sees the EMB ORD folders on the flash drive).   
What am I missing??


Pausing in his lifelong search for an update, Jim says:

I don't know that you are missing anything, but your flash drive seems to be missing a few bits. This clever message is Windows way of saying that the drive is damaged. In the case of a USB drive, it usually means that it is worn out. The chemical process by which data is stored in the drive eventually breaks down, making it unusable. In the race to make USB drives as cheaply as possible this sometimes happens sooner rather than later. I'm afraid your drive has gone on to greener pastures, box city, curtains, bought the farm, cashed in its chips, met the reaper, bit the biscuit, fallen off its perch, kicked the bucket, left the building, gone on a permanent vacation, taken a dirt nap, passed its sell-by date, become living-challenged, sung its swan song, snuffed it, checked out. It is an ex-flash drive, no longer pining for the fjords.


You may be wondering why Windows couldn't have expressed this better. Apparently the original message was "I'm terribly sorry, but your flash drive is no longer usable." Unfortunately this was initially released in an obscure Chinese dialect, then translated to all the other languages on Earth, with English being the last. Hence we got "The parameter is incorrect." I offer my sincere condolences.

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