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Sherry Martin

I use up my bobbin thread when doing patchwork. When sewing fairly small patchwork pieces I can just sew until the thread completely runs out. Since the pieces are small if I don't notice that the thread is out right away, I haven't sewn very much extra. Just completed a 50 x 60 quilt and used up 6 bobbins of small amounts of thread.

Also when the bobbin thread runs out completely, most of the time I get a message that the machine needs rethreaded like when you get when the top thread gets messed up. Although this doesn't seem to happen every time.

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This may be a bit tedious for some people. However, I have found a way to
use up the thread on bobbins when the machine says there isn't enough

I've been doing a "Lunch Box" quilt which has appliqué birds. Each bird has
some outline steps and minimal color steps that don't take a lot of thread.
Most of the birds start out with either an appliqué outline or bird feet -
these require very little thread. So I start out with a slightly filled
bobbin. When it requires the satin stitch to finish off an appliqué, I will
switch bobbins to one which has more thread and doesn't generate the
irritating message. It's really no big deal, as I have to pull off the hoop
to cut off the excess fabric so changing a bobbin at that time doesn't
impact me.

Apparently the bobbin sensor determines how much thread is needed for the
next color and it triggers the message or not depending upon the weight of
thread in the bobbin and what your particular setting is. If there are a
bunch of thread changes but not a lot of stitches you could use up some of
the slightly filled bobbins. On my last bobbin, I had 6" of thread left
after completing the bird feet. Not bad!

One can step thru the sequence and turn on the display to show what a
particular step is doing. You also know the stitch start of each thread
change, so you can calculate how many stitches each color will take.
Depending upon the design you may have multiple stitch colors in a row that
require few stitches compared with the rest of the design.

Just a thought!

Houston, TX

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